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The Meno Project

Embrace your midlife with a longevity plan. The midlife years bring a range of challenges and discomforts that can affect the overall quality of life for many women. You don’t have to navigate this alone. With the right guidance and a holistic approach to managing symptoms you will be able to navigate your midlife years and beyond with vitality and grace. 

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Are you ready to discover a vibrant, healthier you?

Pivot yourself in a new direction with a program that focuses on improving your overall composition, sleep, energy, focus, mood and emotions, gut health, vitality and radiance. 

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Unique to You

All women go through menopause. Not all women have symptoms of menopause. Symptoms are experienced differently for each woman, therefore it makes sense that your plan and treatment should be unique to you.

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Regain your zest for life!

Would you love to regain your vibrancy, energy and zest for life? Do you desire a healthier lifestyle? Do you want to wake up feeling radiant and happy? Do you want to manage your health as holistically as possible? You are not alone, this program can help you!

What’s included in this program?

This self-paced comprehensive program includes:

Extensive midlife, perimenopause and menopause education 

12 in depth modules that cover all aspects of midlife, menopause and overall health 

Audio recordings of each module you can listen to on the go, on a walk or at home 

Coaching tools to keep you on track 

Beautifully designed workbooks and notes section 

Kitchen preparation & recipes 

Practical tools for making positive change

Direct communication with your program guide Alana Keith

Optional add-on of in person or virtual consultations or coaching for a tailored approach offered at a discounted price for program participants  


Join The Meno Project before March 18th and experience the new group format!

In addition to the afore mentioned benefits, you will be able to join an uplifting collective of women

Move at your own pace but know you will have a community of women journeying together

Collective energy, the sharing of stories and recipes, and asking questions as they arise are a few of the benefits of journeying with likeminded women!

Get direction, accountability and gentle weekly reminders from our program guide Alana Keith

Sign up for $25/week for 12 weeks, it will be the best money you spend for setting up your health and wellness!


You will learn about...

The 101  Midlife & Hormones

The Aging Process

Foundational & Lifestyle Health

Gut Health Mastery

Hormone Balancing Nutrition

Weight Management

Beauty & Self Image

Stress Management

Fatigue & Energy

Symptoms and Solutions

Supplements & Herbs


And a lot more!

Even better: It will provide you with information that can benefit the health of your family and loved ones too.

A Transformational Journey

With the Meno Project you will embark on a transformational journey where you will discover a wonderful woman waiting for you at the end. In this program we do not work on masking symptoms. We dive deep into your lifestyle, nutrition, hormones, gut health and biochemistry. Your biochemistry is the foundation of your vitality, dictating everything from fat metabolism, energy, focus, sleep quality, skin glow, and hair health to libido.


I invite you to commit time and care to your own self and take this program that will offer you wonderful education and insight, but more importantly it will offer you time to care and nourish your own self. We all owe that to ourselves from time to time!


The program is self-paced so you can complete it in your own time, although my hope is that you enjoy the content so much that you gracefully breeze through and feel wonderful at the other end.


Get to know your guide

Alana Keith

Alana is a Board Certified Naturopath, Yoga Therapist & Coach. Her knowledge in Holistic Health and Mind . Body . Spirit balance expertly guide you through this program. Find out more about Alana here:  


Jemma W, NZ

"Life changing in so many ways. I was expertly guided from symptoms to wellness.
Thank you!"

A new you starts here 

Sign up now & get started right away!

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