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Homemade Remedies


Designed to enhance and improve your overall health. Focusing on the mind-body connection, I use naturopoathic and holistic modalities to understand the root of imbalances, rather than treating symptoms alone. ​


Natural + holistic health care. Coaching . Cleansing + detox . Stress reduction . Hormone balancing . Cancer rehabilitation + support . Heart health . Sleep cycle support . Bioenergetic scanning . Bach Flowers . Homeopathy . RBTI . Supplements .

Suitable for anyone passionate about living in optimal health, or those looking for guidance or assistance on challenging issues.



A complete mind, body, spirit bio-energetic scan with explanations and reports.

Energy Balancing Therapy assists mental clarity, energy, emotional balance, physical ailments, injury recovery and sleep - overall restored balance to your mind, body, spirit. 


This is a non-invasive treatment that will leave you feeling a sense of clarity and balance.  

Bio-Energetic scanning communicates with the body via subtle frequencies and signals to identify areas that may be out of balance.  Balancing frequencies are then sent back to reinstate equilibrium. When your frequencies are in balance it optimizes the quality of your life. 



In these sessions we assess how you breathe and work together to shift or change your breathing patterns for a desired outcome. We specifically manipulate or change your breathing patterns to have a desired effect on the body and mind. Some techniques are more calming and regulating to the system, while others are activating and help to enhance your physical performance.

Breathwork is an excellent practice to get out of the thinking mind and connect to both your body and your intuition. For many people, it facilitates a sense of calm and clarity leaving you feeling lighter. In essence you are becoming aware of how your body breathes and the impacts this has in your physical, mental and emotional wellness.

Suitable for recovery, physical performance, mental clarity, anxiety, sleep issues. 

Relaxing in Hammock


In a Deep Relaxation session you are guided into deep rest for healing, restoration, balance and clarity.

Deep Relaxation (a form of yoga nidra) is a period of conscious, intentional rest that allows the body to heal and the mind to become peaceful.

In this session you will be guided to connect with your breath, release tension from your body, calm your mind and deeply restore.

Deep Relaxation is an excellent practice to get out of the thinking mind, deeply rest the physical body and connect to your breath, body and intuition. For many people it facilitates balance to the nervous system, emotional wellness, and mental clarity leaving you feeling lighter and clearer.

Suitable for recovery, cancer patients, heart disease, injury recovery, mental clarity, anxiety, and sleep issues. Deep Relaxation is the gift of healing for anyone that wants to restore a frazzled system. 



TDP lamp increases blood circulation, which aids in muscle relief, pain and inflammation reduction, and assists the body to heal.

The absorbed energy from the special mineral plate promotes micro circulation and metabolism, helps improve the immune system and healing.

Excellent for people with injuries, sore muscles, arthritis, bursitis, back ache, tennis elbow, joint pain and anxiety.

The Healing Lamp is a special far-infrared lamp that has an electrical heating plate and mineral plate, which is the unique element that is composed of 33 trace elements.

TDP: Teding Diancibo Pu (translates to special electromagnetic spectrum)

Seated Side Bend


My one on one sessions are designed to dissect and heal physical, mental and emotional imbalances, and provide the practitioner with effective tools and life-changing habits to live as their best and true Self. 

Therapies offered:

Pain Management . Injury Recovery . Spinal Care . Functional Movement . Asana Yoga .   Meditation practices + techniques . Pranayama (breathing practices) . Deep Relaxation . Self healing .

Mental + Emotional wellbeing.



If you want to work on certain aspects of your life: health, lifestyle, business, spirituality, or life guidance I can coach you.

I utilize skills from my previous career as an executive and business owner, and combine these with my joy for living an abundant, happy and purposeful life.

We work together to set out a plan for you to get results.

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