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A 28 day healing program designed to assist the body's return to the state of optimal health - mind . body . spirit . 


Date: 09 January 2023 - 05 February 2023

Intake cut off: 24 December 2022

Happy Girl

What is the program about? 

I have designed this program as a strategy for people living in this busy world to find balance and harmony, peace and joy, and optimal health.

A 28 day journey of cleaning up the physical body and the toxic load it may carry, the busy mind that needs to rebalance, the emotional and spiritual aspects of who we all are - these are all the components of the true cleansing process. 

This is not a restrictive journey that requires you to give up all your favorite things for its duration. The reality is that if we waited until we had a clear 28 days with no plans at all to cleanse then it is likely we would never get to it. I do not believe in restricting people and creating unrealistic goals that make them feel like they are suffering through a cleanse or detox. My aim has been to make it gentle, joyful, mindful and focused on all the aspects of who we are. You do not have to give anything up if you do not want to. Our diet is not just what we eat - our diet is what we listen to, what we watch, the conversations we have - all our interactions are a component to our overall health. Because of this it is not necessarily effective to just take some herbs and think we are detoxing the body. We need a systemic approach that is longer lasting and has an effect on our whole health - mind, body and spirit. 


Your commitment level will be as low or high as you want to give it. I will provide recommendations and suggestions - it will be up to you what you do, or do not do. I am not asking you to report back. This is self accountability and I am making recommendations in a hope that you get optimal results from this program. All I ask is that you come with an open mind and heart. 

This program is for you if you feel any of the following: 

Tired, low energy, sluggish

Not feeling rested when waking in the morning 

Emotional: angry, frustrated, sad, low

Brain fog

Imbalanced physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually

Regularly sick

Digestive disturbances or irregularity 

Sleep disturbances 

Hormonal imbalances  

Carrying extra weight

Tired of being everything to everyone 

Always rushing 

Not showing up in the world as your best self


What to expect following this program: 

More balance

Self awareness + mindfulness 

Increased energy



A deeper understanding of optimal health and what this feels like 

Skin vitality

Optimal digestion 

An update of your operating system

Included in the cost: 

Practitioner grade supplementation kit required to complete the cleansing process 

Access to online Yoga + Meditation Library 

Direct link to Alana for guidance and assistance 

Supplement schedule 

Education and information downloadable booklet 

Weekly email and focus 

Your commitment:

Taking daily supplements as per the schedule I set out 

Being mindful with your daily food + lifestyle choices 

5 minutes daily of meditation, breathwork or quiet reflection 

20 minutes per day of activity

That's all!


Limited spaces available so I am able to give the participants my full attention and care.


Deposit: $200

Payments: 2 payments of $100

Total cost: $400 including all supplements

(This is a pilot program. Usual cost would be $600)

NOTE: if you wish to participate outside of the USA there will be the additional cost of shipping your supplements to your location. Please reach out for further details





The system update: Food + lifestyle choices. Cleaning up the physical body



Give yourself permission to unsubscribe: Cleaning up our mental mess. Assessing what we are saying yes + no to and the impact this has on our health



You are the medicine: Cleaning up the emotions. Being present with the emotional aspect of our health


Beyond birth, beyond death, beyond all suffering: The spiritual aspect of who we are and how this impacts us


I look forward to sharing the journey of health and healing with you 

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